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What are the maximum weight limits for a Luton van?

If you are moving house and looking to hire a man and van to help, then it is likely that the rated driver will come in a Luton van. This is because they are not only spacious but reliable, which makes them ideal for transporting large items such as furniture. However, it is important to remember that like other removal vehicles, Luton vans do have weight limits which your driver has to adhere to – otherwise they could find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Luton van maximum weight limit

Weight limits will vary between Luton vans – depending on manufacturers and models – but the majority of load limits tend to fall between 1000kgs and 1300 kgs for a 3.5T Luton Van. For a 7T Luton van the limits are closer to 2800kg. However, each make and model will have its own ‘design gross weight’ and you can find this on your van’s vehicle identification number (VIN) plate.

Your man and van driver will know what the weight restrictions of their van are, of course, but it is always a good plan to have an idea yourself as well – then you know what size of man and van you need to move all of your things. You don’t want to get caught out on moving day.

Why is the Luton Van maximum weight limit important?

There are three main reasons why the maximum weight limit on a Luton van is important:

  • Avoidance of damage. Overloading of any van may cause damage to both the axle and tyres
  • Performance. If the van is overly packed then this could have a negative effect on fuel consumption and speed
  • Safety. The main reason why maximum weight limits were introduced was for the safety of the vehicle and the driver, as if vans are overloaded this can affect braking capability and road handling

What are the important things to consider about Luton Van maximum weight limits?

The important things your man and van driver have to keep in mind when loading their Luton Van are:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) and Load Weight. Some vans may have two load limits associated with them and it is really important that you know the difference between them. The important number to know is the gross vehicle weight (GVW) which is the weight of the van, passengers, load and fuel.
  • Individual axle limit. Luton vans not only have a GVW number, but also an individual axle limit as well. Your driver should ensure the van is evenly loaded in order to prevent overloading of the front or rear axle
  • Passengers. If you are moving a lot of stuff, your driver may bring a passenger with them to help and this will affect the GVW as well.

If all of these different numbers and considerations have got you in a muddle, don’t worry. Just download the man and van app to gain access to hundreds of rated drivers in your area. They will take care of all of your removal stress for you.

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