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Guide to Rubbish Removal during Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

With so many of us now based from home for the foreseeable future, thanks to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the amount of waste we are generating in our homes is higher than ever, as we spend our time decluttering, decorating and gardening. However, as with everything else in our lives, the Coronavirus is also impacting how we get rid of waste – making it a lot harder to do – but man and van app are here to help!

In this article we will take a closer look at how Coronavirus is impacting the way we dispose of bulky waste, and offer some practical tips for what you can do.

How is coronavirus affecting bulky waste removal?

Although waste removal is classed as an ‘essential service’ by the UK Government, many recycling centres have closed as there was a general feeling that it was hard for them to maintain the social distancing rules. Employee safety and social distancing has also affected more traditional reuse routes such as charity shops and eBay as well as people don’t think it is worth potentially risking their lives picking up and old sofa or appliance.  On top of this, many local authorities are also being forced to cut back on their waste collection services due to operational capacity as they are finding that a significant proportion of their employees are not coming into work due to self-isolating.  The result of all of this seems to have been an increase in fly tipping.

How to get rid of your waste during the crisis

So, assuming your local council is not able to offer their waste collection services at the moment, and your local tip is still shut, what can you do with your rubbish while the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing?

Well the first option is to create less bulky waste! We know that now seems like the perfect time to clear out all of the clutter at home as we are all stuck at home, but the problem is that jobs like gardening and home improvement work tend to create bulky waste and that then needs to be disposed of, which as we have said above, is difficult at this time.

The second option, if you have already created bulky waste, is to do nothing. Seriously. Stack it in a corner where no-one will trip over it, cover it with some tarpaulin and leave it until all of this is over and you can get rid of it safely.

The third, and best option (in our opinion) is to use a man and van inverness service – such as man and van app. Just download the app, upload your job, and get quotes from rated drivers in your local area, then choose the one that you want. Easy. It’s the Uber of man and van hire!

Man and Van app drivers can help with many things, not just waste removal so if you are looking for removal van hire near me download the app today.

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