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5 Tips for Making Your Move Easier

Moving is hard. Even if you’ve moved multiple times in the past, moving is tiring and stressful. No one likes packing, cleaning, and saying goodbye to their old place.

If you’re planning on moving soon or are currently in the process of doing so, man and van Bath have got some tips to make your life easier.

Make a packing schedule

If you’re packing while you’re cleaning up your home, you’re going to end up so stressed out. To avoid packing-while-cleaning stress, make a packing schedule and stick to it. If you make a schedule, you’ll save yourself a headache and make sure that you stay on track. An added bonus is that when you’re all done, your new place will be unpacked and ready to go!

Declutter before you pack

Before you even begin to pack, declutter. Get rid of any old or unnecessary items that you don’t need anymore. One of the best ways to do this is to put everything you own into one of three piles: keep, donate, or sell. Choose a pile you want to focus on each day and get rid of anything that you don’t need. You’ll notice that when your stuff is gone, it’s a lot easier to pack! An added bonus to decluttering is that it will help you feel a lot less stressed out. It’s hard to feel stressed when your life is clutter-free!

Book your helpers ahead of time

If you’re planning on hiring movers, cleaners, or anyone else to help with your move, book them as soon as you know for sure that you’ll be moving. Booking your Man and Van Bangor early ensures that you’ll have the help you need. It’s also a good idea to ask some of your friends and family members if they can help you out. People are usually willing to help, especially if they know they’re coming at a convenient time for them. If you don’t have any friends or family members who can help, try to book your helpers as early as possible to ensure that your move will go smoothly.

Don’t forget the essentials

It’s easy to forget the little things when you’re moving, but you’ll regret it when you’re in the middle of packing and realize that you don’t have any boxes or tape. You might want to create a checklist of all the essentials you need when moving. That way, you’ll be sure you don’t forget anything. You’ll also avoid being stressed about forgetting anything because you’ll know that everything you need is on that list.


Moving is stressful, no matter how many times you’ve done it before. We hope that by following these five tips from Man and Van Plymouth, you’ll be able to manage the stress and get everything done without losing your mind.

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